When harvesting animals it's our goal to save and use as much of the animal as possible. This includes saving and packaging bones and scraps. Our butcher bags up the bones that are best used for broth making while the other bones and meat scraps get boxed up and make great snacks for your dogs! Shop soup bones here and shop other scraps here

Making bone broth is easy but it does require effort. Why put in the effort when you can buy it "ready made" or just add the seasoning to boiling water? The health benefits. You don't have to search the web for long to find many sources all pointing to the same list of benefits. Here's a brief summary that should help persuade you to try making your own stock if you don't already:

- Good source of essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin A and K to name a few.

- The gelatin found in bones can break down into collagen in your body which can help in joint protection.

- This collagen can also help reduce the symptoms or onset of osteoarthritis.

- Amino acids found in bone broth can help with digestion, nutrient absorption and even promote better sleep.

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Bone broth can be used for much more than just soup or stew, although those are obviously great ideas. Your bone broth can be used to boil rice, quinoa (and other grains), stuffing, making sauces, marinades, gravy and any other recipes that call for water or broth. The more you work in your bone broth to your food the better! 

A bag of bison bones for making bone broth
Bison Bones


How to Make Bone Broth 

The simplest way is as follows:

- Add bones to large pot or slow cooker, use about 3-4 lbs at a time 

- Cover fully with water by a few inches

- 1 Tbsp vinegar to help release the nutrients into the broth

Bring to a boil then simmer for 6-12 hours and strain through cheesecloth or mesh strainer. Pour into desired container and store in fridge or freezer. 


If you want a more flavorful bone broth you can add the following to a batch of bone broth (Based on one bag of bones about 3lbs):

- Place bones in stock pot and cover fully with water a few inches above the bones

-Roughly chop and add:

     - 2-3 large carrots

     - 2 celery stocks

     - 1 onion

     - 2 large garlic cloves 

     - Variety of fresh or dried herbs like parsley, oregano, rosemary, tarragon

     - Salt (optional, can be added to taste during broth process or when using it for other recipes)

- Bring bones and vegetables to a simmer(try to prevent from a hard, rolling boil) for 6-12 hours.

- Strain with cheese cloth or mesh strainer. Toss veggies and herbs into compost. 

- Store in containers or zip tight freezer bags and lay flat to freeze. Store in pre-measured amounts to make it easier for you to grab and use for your next meal! 

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