Bison Ridge Farms is a family owned and operated farm located NW of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. As we strive to regenerate our soil and the way we farm, adding bison seemed like the perfect fit. Partnering with our neighboring family farm and integrating bison has allowed us to grow our own quality feed, improve soil health, and utilize a diverse landscape. 

Our goal is to produce and raise quality animals while capitalizing on the land’s full potential. We are committed to producing a premium, healthy protein source. Most importantly, our priority is to teach our children respect for the land and the animals so that we can all have a sustainable future. We are thankful for the opportunities farming with family has given us and for the help and support from our extended families who have made embarking on this adventure possible. On the farm we believe a little bit of hard work and lots of fun can go a long way!


Our land

Situated along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, our land provides us with nutrient rich soil, natural tree coverage, and an abundance of wildlife.

Our goal is to grab hold of the full potential that our land has to offer and this is why we chose bison. The way that bison naturally move and graze as a herd allows nutrients to be redeposited back into the soil. They do this through spreading manure and trampling plant material which composts and creates healthier more productive land.


We pride ourselves in the quality of our Wood Bison herd. Grazing our diverse pasturing system allows for the health and quality of our herd while maintaining the natural tendencies of these amazing animals.