Abattoir Services

Bison Ridge Farms Abattoir


Our Saskatchewan health certified abattoir is officially open. If you are looking for these services please read below and contact with any questions.


Bison Ridge harvest price: $0.30/lb* hot hanging weight. 

*Minimum fees as follows:

Bison or Beef: $185

Pig: $80 - ($10/head discount if booking 4 or more for the same day) 



We work with two local butcher shops. We do the harvesting and they do the cut and wrap. Steyn Family Meats north of Prince Albert and Parkland Meats in Shellbrook are both very reputable butcher shops and offer great services. Contact for availability and if you have a preferred butcher shop. Drop off of animals and pickup of cut and wrapped meat will be here at Bison Ridge (or at the processor if preferred)


Hanging space Only 

- $50 First day 

- day 2-7: $15/day 

- day 8 and over: $10/day 



Extra services

- Skinning Fee: $100 

- Splitting Fee: $20 


Message or call for availability.