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Fill your freezer with an 1/8 share of bison.

45lbs of bison meat in a variety of cuts approximately including:

- 20 Ground

- 4 Stew

- 6 Blade steak

- 2 Sirloin steak

- 6 T-bone steak

- 4 Rib steak

- 2 Roasts (2-3 lbs ea)

- 1 rack short ribs or equal value of prime rib fingers depending on availability 

- 1 pack of sausage

- 2 packs of jerky


**Specifics will vary slightly depending on availability. We weigh each box to make sure it's about 45lbs and will add premium cuts to make up any differences.**


**DELIVERY available for Prince Albert and Saskatoon residence once a week. Flat rate shipping available for Regina and Saskatoon. Select your preferred option at checkout**

If you would like to order but not in either of the above areas for delivery please contact us to see if we can work something out!