A bison roast can be tricky to get the right cook especially if it's a less tender cut of meat. If you're not feeling confident in your ability to cook a tasty roast try this recipe as it's a little more forgiving and definitely a winner! {Or find roast cooking tips here}

You'll need:

- 2-3lb bison roast

- 1  package onion soup mix

- 1 cup bison bone broth (recipe here), or any other liquid (other broth, wine, beer, juice, water)

- olive oil

- Soft buns

- Garlic butter (soft butter mixed with desired amount of minced garlic or garlic salt)



1. Empty soup mix into a bowl and roll roast in spice mix making sure to cover entire roast and pick up all the spices(Add any extra spice mix into the slow cooker). 

2. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan (I prefer a cast iron) and once hot brown all sides of the roast. This helps lock in the roast's juices and help it from drying out. 

3. Place the roast in your slow cooker and pour the liquid over top. Cook for 6-8 hours or until fork tender. You should be able to shred the meat with 2 forks once it's cooked but if it's a little tough you can shave the meat with a sharp knife. 

4. Taste your juices (now you can call it "au jus"😉) and adjust flavor as necessary. Place the shredded meat back in the au jus while you prepare the rest of the meal. 

5. Open buns on a sheet pan and brush with garlic butter. Broil until lightly toasted (Make sure to keep a close eye on these so they don't get too dark!). 

6. Using tongs, squeeze excess juices from bison meat and liberally place on buns. Top with mustard if you'd like. 

7. Scoop out au jus  into small bowls for each person partaking. 

8. Serve with sides of a salad and pickles.  

Bison dip sandwich with a side of jus and vegetables

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